Social Media

Having a static, informational website as an “online brochure” extolling your virtues isn’t enough in today’s media-saturated world. It’s important to get on to social media to get the word out.


  • But it’s not as simple as that first sounds: simply linking to your products and services on social media quickly bores and annoys your followers, and so an effective social media presence is about much more than that – it’s about engaging your followers and inviting discussion and feedback, it’s about showing them unique, informative and interesting content, and it’s about showing a human, relatable side to your business instead of implying a tedious corporate monolith.


  • We can help here – we have experience of promoting our own and other businesses online. Our help can take one of two forms:


  • > We can set up your initial social media presence, give you some training and best practices, and leave you to manage it yourself…


  • > We can run your social media presence ourselves ongoing, with as much or little involvement from you as you’d like…


  • We feel that the latter option would benefit you more, but the client is king, of course!


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