Websites have moved on tremendously from their original early-2000s function as simple online adverts: the web is now dynamic and full of user-content. So a website must now convey the site owner’s identity as well as engaging the user and inviting feedback and discussion where possible. We have these concepts close to heart when we provide bespoke website solutions for clients.


  • Another important factor is anĀ appropriate and responsive design: sites must both visually convey the culture and ethos of their owner and also be easily-readable and -usable on all devices (with mobile and table viewing now making up approximately half of all website viewing).


  • Keeping the user’s interest is key: lose that interest and the user simply leaves with a click on a mouse or a touch of a screen. We live in a world saturated with information, arguably too much information, and so the user’s experience on a site is only one of many that day, or even that hour.


  • Thus, giving the user something a little different, something that piques their interest and curiosity, is a good tactic, and again this is something of which we are well aware.


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